“Seeing the beauty of someone’s soul is love uncontaminated”

– Neo Gilson



  • In the year 2014, she wrote  a play titled “Three Monkeys and Dikeledi ” for African Folktale  Onstage Plays for Pre-Teens.
  • Neo is a member of Poetry Africa and Samro. Furthermore Neo has performed poetry at various platforms. 
  • On the 6th till 8th March 2014   performed poetry at “Voices of the Northern Cape” at  the 5th Annual Writter’s Festival hosted by the 8 1997 Northern Cape Department of Sports Arts and Culture held Kimberley .  
  • On the 11 March 2014 performed the “National Anthem” at the Reopening of Office of MEC of Sport ,Arts and Culture.  
  • On the 19th Aprill 2014 she has graced the stage as backup performer at the Northern  Cape  Diamonds and Dorings Festival.  
  • On 5th May 2014 written and performed a poem titled “The great Exchange “at Mayibuye Arts Centre in Kimberley for Arts and Ubuntu Trust on the 4th May 2014.  
  • On the night of 5th May 2014 performed a poem at William Humprey Art Gallery titled “Art the language of God” At the Manqoba Art Exhibition for Arts and Ubutu Trust. 
  • On 24 May 2014 celebrating Africa Day ,Neo was invited to be a guest speaker on topic  Titled “African Woman”at a women  interfaith forum.  
  • From 16 June -20 June 2014 written a poem for and  performed  at Celebration of 20 YEARS DEMOCRACY MULTIMEDIA ART EXPO at MSCC in Kimberley for Department Land Reform and Rural Development 
  • On the 9 August 2014 she was a MC at Book Launch “Black Diamond Wife” of Gontse Wa Chaane. 
  • On the 30 September 2014 she performed poetry at the Woman in the Arts workshop at Mayibuye Arts Centre hosted by National Department of Sports, Arts and Culture. 
  • Most recently on 1 November 2014 performed poetry at William Humprey Art Gallery hosted by Tau Olifant  motivational talk show. 


  • Poetic cocktail at Monakaladi in pampierstad on 14 February 2015 
  • 6th Annual Writers Festival Northern Cape at Kimberley on 26-28  February 2015 
  • Blood spot poetry battles on 8 March 2015 
  • Africa Day 25 May 2015 as Speaker and workshop at Ivuma Art centre in Kimberley  


  • 7th Annual Writers Festival Northern Cape 2016 
  • 16 June 2016 Youth Celebration at SAFY  
  • 9 August 2016 at Kim Kgolo primary women’s day Gala lunch 


  • 29 October 2017 at Afro Café as part of Black History Month at Africa In Motion Pictures (UK)  


  • Wrote a poem titled Woman on Woman as part of WOW/ Outlandish Theatre group for the  production Love and Charity  
  • Part of In-Visibility act for the Love and Charity production